Jawid Sharif’s song is intended for everyone suffering from the effects of war, violance, poverty and diseases, which we as humans are largely responsible for ourselves.

The video has not just been released because of the the Corona pandemic.

Before he came up with the idea for the video, he thought intensively about what was happening in the world and how he could make a difference.
We see today in the world the consequences of human carelessness and the ill-treatment of people.
Sometimes Jawid Sharif is ashamed of being human.

He wants to make others think.
The video and song is not just talk – “actions speaks for themselves”.

He sang this song from the bottom of his hearth and it filled him with the deepest sorrow.

Even tough there is a lot to be done, at least those who are capable of helping, should do so.
Please donate, give alms and Zakat to people in need.

May God bless you all!
Jawid Sharif

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